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Please note: Listed prices are for online priest service only. For in-person priests, we connect you to a nearby priest at no cost to you; their service cost (Dakshina) can be agreed between you and the priest.

With divinity and sincerity

Our pujaris bring the sanctity and vibrations of a puja to you.. across the oceans. Perform pujas at your home, like you did back home.

Connect with our in-home/local priests in USA & Canada

Our experienced network of Pujaris will walk you through every ritual, with utmost sincerity, so you and your family can experience the spiritual joy of performing Puja. Our priests are available in all major cities in USA and Canada.

What is Priest4u?

Priest4u (formerly is the #1 virtual and in-person Hindu Priest and Puja service provider in USA, Canada, UK, India and else where globally. For in-home priests, within USA and Canada, we provide the most learned priests in all major cities and states. If you prefer virtual pujas, browse our listing here and register online.  Our priests speak Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam and other Indian languages. We also offer puja items to be shipped to your home. We also offer access to experienced classical music and classical dance teachers for online learning for kids. Various offerings, one goal - come for convenience, return for quality. Have questions? Email us at

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Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much for arranging and managing everything :). We had a great experience with your team and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Ashwini, CA, USA

The priests were experienced and dedicated to ensuring we had a great puja. I was able to meet the priest via Zoom before the puja scheduling which really helped us connect and get the comfort.

Shashi, Dallas, TX, USA

Welcome to a new way of performing puja.. virtually across the seas. Was sceptic initially but once we got in touch with the priest, no looking back. Great experience!

Priya, Henley, UK

The nearest priest was about 2 hours drive away, so we wanted to give this a try. Very pleased with the experience. We now have an extra "virtual" option.

Ajay, Birmingham AL, USA