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Please note: Listed prices are for online priest service only. For in-person priests, we connect you to a nearby priest at no cost to you; their service cost (Dakshina) can be agreed between you and the priest.

About Us

Welcome to priest4u.com (formerly VideoPuja.com)! 🙏🙏

While this page is titled "About Us", this site and it's endeavor is really "About Priests", "About Hindu Culture", "About Customer Experience".. and most importantly "About You!".

Founded: 2017

Founders: M R Ramaswamy and Raghu Kumar 

What do we do:

  1. Provide access to highly qualified Hindu priests
  2. Priests covering many Indian languages, local traditions
  3. Access to puja items, singing classes etc.
  4. Have no geo barrier - device and internet connection is all we need
  5. Leverage the best of technology and communication channels

What drives us:

  1. Passionate about providing best client experience
  2. Drive an organization with integrity, accountability and transparency. 
  3. Satisfaction of providing devotees a sanctimonious puja experience
  4. Providing a platform, livelihood and global exposure to qualified priests
  5. Prosper Hindu culture and pass traditions to next generation


We have unified the combined capabilities and global market presence of our excellent consumer experience to create the only comprehensive virtual puja solution capable of serving organizations and people everywhere.