Frequently Asked Questions – Priest4u

Please note: Listed prices are for online priest service only. For in-person priests, we connect you to a nearby priest at no cost to you; their service cost (Dakshina) can be agreed between you and the priest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is priest4u (formerly VideoPuja)?

priest4u offers global residents a range of religious services, by providing access to a large set of qualified and dedicated priests. Book a puja on our site, and on the day and time of the Puja, our experienced Pujaris will walk you through every step of performing each ritual, either in person or over video (, with utmost sincerity, so you and your family can experience the spiritual joy of performing the Puja at home.


How does Priest4u work?

Browse the listing of Pujas offered by our priests. Select the Puja and date you would like to perform Puja, and check out.

A Priest4u representative will get in touch with you to share the puja items, zoom meeting details, and answer any questions you have. You will also get to speak with the priest before the puja via Zoom. On puja day, you can share the puja invitation to your family and friends, so they can all participate virtually. You also have the option to record your puja and download the recording as a digital keepsake (just let us know in advance).

If you are unsure to book right away, no worries, just reach us out via the contact us form and we can arrange a quick meeting with the priest so you have your questions answered, and feel more comfortable to finish the booking.

You can reach us via 202-836-7852 or


Are you limited to the pujas listed on your website?

No, those listed on our website are the most popular ones and we are always expanding our catalog. Our priests speak and conduct many other pujas that families speaking Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, and Malayalam can look to conduct. Just fill out the contact us form and we will provide a confirmation.


What are the system requirements for using Priest4u virtual priests?

You will need an audio-video enabled device with internet such as a laptop/computer with webcam, tablet or smartphone to best perform the Puja. provides an interface that is easy to use and interact with a Pujari.


What to expect on Puja day, and before?

Once registration is complete, a confirmation email will be sent along with details of Puja items to purchase. This email will also include details of how to arrange the Puja mandap (area).

24-48 hours before the start time, the Pujari will place a call with you, using the pre-selected preferred video medium. This ensures that you are familiar with priest, aware of items to buy (or alternatives if a particular item is unavailable), and understand any special requests etc. This call is also an opportunity to ensure any connectivity issues are sorted well in advance of puja time.

On day of Puja, the Pujari will help guide you in setting up and performing the whole Puja via Zoom while explaining the various mantras used in Puja. 


How is the quality of the video stream?

The quality of the Puja stream depends on the internet bandwidth on both your and our side. Our pujaris are equipped with speeds upto 100 MBPS, along with power backup. If you like to check your network speed, visit common speed test sites such as If you are still unsure, we understand, please contact us and we can arrange a sample stream between us and you to test connectivity out.


What are the assurances and policy around internet connectivity issues affecting Puja?

We understand the importance of ensuring the Puja event should be disruption free. We have redundancies built in our connectivity channels to ensure up-time. If for an unavoidable reason, there is a service disruption, our priest will work with you in continuing the puja over phone. If Priest4u is responsible for the disruption, we will issue a full refund, no questions asked.


What is the puja cancellation policy?

Puja can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior of start time. A refund will be issued upon receipt of cancellation request. Please email all cancellation requests to with a reference to the order ID.