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Carnatic Music Classes - By Smt Easwari - Video Puja
Carnatic Music Classes - By Smt Easwari - Video Puja
Carnatic Music Classes - By Smt Easwari - Video Puja

Carnatic Music Classes - By Smt Easwari

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Hello, my name is Easwari. I can speak Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.

I am a vocal music professional teacher (pure Carnatic). I am a pure classical singer who sings keerthanai, compositions of Papanasham sivan, Purandharadasar, Gopalakrishna bharathy, muthuthandavar etc and various bhajans.

I living in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu India) and am originally from Palakkad (Kerala). I am taking vocal classes for kids to ladies despite of age bar. My motto is to make everyone to know at least a basic of music and lead there life without stress. Music is the only way to reduce stress and mind relaxation. It helps you to take a correct decision in any situation.

I have been learning music from the age of 5. My first Guru was Ms. Vishalam. She is a teacher who has been taking vocal classes for past 30 to 40 years. She is also a guide and a teacher for me and a role model for my achievements in professional life. Her motivations has made me to reach at this situation where I am independently taking classes for students.

My second guru is Mr. Trichi Gurunadhar, who made me to improve my way of singing and helped me in voice culture. He was a leading vocalist. 

After completing my schooling, I took music as my passion and profession and joined in Music Academy College of Music. Simultaneously, I did my Graduation in the same field through Madras University. 

After completing my Graduation, I joined in Sri Sankara Vidyalaya as a music teacher. Then after my marriage I joined Mukkala Nammalwar Chetty Vivekananda Vidyalaya which is run by Vivekananda Educational Group of Institutions. This is where I learned many bhajans and  learn/ teach more new forms of songs in different goners. Under the guidance of Smt Subhasree Ravichandran the Vice Principal of this school I learned more bhajans and slokas and teach to many students.

  •  Won many prizes in music competition in school and college.
  • Participated in AIR music programs. (All India Radio).
  • Lead singer for dance programs in different places.
  • My students participated in Podigai Bhajans competition and won third prize.
  • I train students to appear for music grade examination through Annamalai university and bridge academy.
  • Students did programs in and around temples.
  • Nearly 15 students appeared for grade exams of which nearly 13 students passed out with distinction and 2 student’s first class.
  • My students are trained in both theory and practical form of Music.
  • Learned nearly 400 compositions of which nearly 250 songs are compositions of the trinity of music, they are as follows
    1. Thiyagarajar
    2. Muthuswami dheekshidar
    3. Shyamala sasthrigal.

Class instructions

  1. All lessons are conducted by field of expertise.
  2. Time tables must be strictly adhered to at all times
  3. A lesson that is missed by the student, for whatever reason, is not made up, credited or transferred. This lesson is considered a forfeit.
  4. Leaves to be informed in prior
  5. Test will be conducted once in 2 months
  6. The class will be compensated if in case of sudden absence from the Teacher
  7. Parents to interact to the teacher tutor once in a month for suggestions and for further improvements from both the tutor and the students side