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Priests: Pt Jayarama Sarma

Very experienced and passionate priest performing pujas, vratham, cermonies, pariharams, ancestor rituals in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

Br Sri Jayarama Sharma hails from a family of Vadhyar’s (Vedic scholars and purohit who have performed yagna sacrifices and are performing Agni hotric rites daily throughout their lifetime) He was born in Mathur Agraharam to Br Sri Sankaranarayana vadhyar and Srimathi Lakshmi Ammal. Mathur Agraharam is a village in Palakkad where hundreds of Deekshithar/Vadhyar families are living for generations up to today. His Paternal grandfather is Br Sri Parameswara Vadhar (Rigveda Rathnam) and his paternal grandmother Seethalakshmi Ammal.

Vadhyar(Panditji) After being initiated into the scriptural and vedic studies at a very young age, he gained excellent mastery over Vedas through his invaluable training and practice with the great saints Upadyaya Chakravarthi Br Sri Rashamani Vadhyar ( Dwi vedhi – Rigveda and Yajurveda), from his father Br Sri Sankaranarayana Vadhyar, and also from Br Sri NARASIMHA SASTRIGAL. Beside with the Vedic he has completed his Postgraduate in business administration also certified CMA.

Sri Rashamani Vadhyar gave him an extraordinary knowledge and mastery over Performing Poorva Apara Prayogam(Vedic rituals&rites) & Bhagavatiseva[special pooja for godess durga]. On the professional front, he has been fortunate to learn, and practice to perfection the Vedic rituals and Veda Parayanam, from some of the most learned Vedic Scholars and Priests in India. In 2011 he moved to bangalore and joined with Priests Sri Rama Vadhyar and Lakshmana Vadhyar for getting more training In Vedic Rituals.

From 2014, he started giving his own services to the Hindu community of Bangalore & other different parts of India, conducting ceremonies (south Indian tradition like Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada) like Grahapravesham [House Warming], Sri Sathyanarayana Pooja, Navagraha Shanthi Homam, Upanayanam[ThreadCeremony], Vivaham [Wedding], Seemantham [Baby Shower],Aaushya homam [Birthday celebration],Shastiabthapoorthy [60th Birthday celebrations], Shathaabhishekam[80th Birthday celebration], Bhagavatiseva[specailpooja for durga], also well trained in performing last rites masikam shradham & yearly sradham (yearly death anniversary) etc.. for different communities as per the sect requirements.

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