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Upanayanam Ceremony is also called as the White thread (Poonal Kalyanam) ceremony. It is done to the Boy Child of the family when he is ready to learn the vedic mantras and start with a new journey in his life growing up as an adult.

The Upanayanam ceremony can be directed at the age of seven. Normally our actions can be divided into excellent, good and very good. To improve the spiritual nature in the boy in an extraordinary manner then, the sacred thread ceremony is directed at the age of 7, 9, 11 can be considered as excellent, very good, good.

This ritual conducted at the age of seven, is considered as Uthamam, at the age of nine considered as Madyamam, at the of eleven is considered as Adhama and above eighteen age as Adhamam. These details are given in ancient Shastras if a boy crosses eleven age, then the rule of conducting this ceremony only at the single-digit age which is not applicable. Then till the age of 18 age, any age can be direct to this ceremony. If a boy crosses 16 age then even the auspicious days and dates are not important