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Sumangali Puja

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The Sumangali Pooja is conducted to receive the blessings of ancestral ladies considered to be Sumangalis. Ladies who lived a prosperous life with their husbands and passed their life(whose husband is still living) are called Sumangalis. This pooja is known to enhance good fortune and ensure familial bliss.

Married women of a family do this pooja for a prosperous married life. Sumangali puja is also performed to manifest gratitude to the Sumangalis. This Sumangali puja is done to invoke the blessings of ancestral women of the family who have gone the earth plane. By performing this puja, it gratifies the unfulfilled longing of these women, and they, in turn, bless the family.

This puja can perform when a daughter- in- law enters into the house or when the daughter of the house is getting married. Men are strictly eliminated from the puja, and the puja cannot be performed on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Sumangali is invited to the puja with a specific number like three, five, seven, nine, eleven from the relatives or else summoning from outside.

Sumangali puja is performed in the home or temples, it is done by married women to pray for their husband’s long life and blissful married life. So it is also a kind of thanksgiving and a batch prayer for the mother.