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2020 Annual Global Virtual Thread Ceremony “AVANI AVITTAM” Function

Monday August 3rd - Tuesday August 4th, 2020

VideoPuja.com cordially invites you all to join us in the zoom meeting being conducted by our senior priest Sri Jayarama Sharma Sastrigal along with his team of priests to perform our annual virtual “AVANI AVITTAM” and for the “THALAI AVANI AVITTAM” function. This is one of the most auspicious ceremony of changing the sacred thread “POONAL” to all our South Indian Families living across USA, Canada, UK, Australia and across the world. Homam will be performed by the Vadhyar at his place of worship. 

Avani Avittam’ - ‘avittam’ star day in the Tamil month of ‘Avani’ - is the day when every year the sacred thread, or poonal, is changed. More accurately, the ceremony is performed on the poornima day in the month of Sravana, or Tamil ‘avani’ (or of ‘aadi’ in some years) and is called ‘upakarma’. Upakarma is a Sanskrit word (Upa + Karma). Literally Upa means “before” and Karma means an “action”. Upakarma means an action performed before beginning the Vedic studies. Upa also refers to nearness or close touch with Upanishads (Vedas). In simple terms Upakarma refers to changing of sacred (Holy) thread called Yagnopaveetham on this day by the three varnas (Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vysyas). Upakarma consists of a number of ceremonies and the more important ones are:
  • Kamokarsheet Japam
  • Maha sankalpam
  • Yagyopaveeda Dharanam
  • Gayathri Japam
There are two start times for this event in August 2020; please join the corresponding time that suits your timezone and convenience.

Please book ahead so VideoPuja team can send the Zoom invite to individuals to enable each one of you to have a seamless engagement with the priest and make it a grand celebration across every family.

This ceremony will be performed by our senior priest Sri Jayarama Sharma Sastrigal who is a very experienced and passionate priest performing pujas, vratham, ceremonies, pariharams and ancestor rituals in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. You may read his complete profile here.

The last date for enrollment: July 31st 2020.

Have questions? Reach us at 202-VDO-PUJA / contact@videopuja.com.